Donald Trump, James Comey & the He-Man Woman Haters Club

Real swamp monster think long and hard, maybe too long and too hard, try to come up with analogy for Narcissistic Number 45 broken relationship with former FBI Director Comey.

Real swamp monster go out on really shakey limb, but come up with Spanky McFarland and Alfalfa Switzer of The Little Rascals. 

Spanky (played by Narcissistic Number 45) is the president of the He-Man Woman Haters Club, and he asks Alfalfa (played by former director Comey) to pledge his loyalty to Spanky and the club. But Alfalfa is concerned over rumors of possible Collaboration between members of the He-Man Woman Haters Club and Butch (Vladimir Putin) and Woim (Russian spy Victor Podubnyy).

Unlike some of the other members of the club; sergeant-at-arms Stymie (Steve Bannon) and secretary Uh-Huh Collum (Sean Spicer), Alfalfa refuses to take the oath; his devotion is to Darla (represented by Lady Liberty and all she stands for) and the idea of her Trumps everything the club can offer him. It also allows Alfalfa to continue to act with Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity, a by-law definitely not in this He-Man Woman Haters Club.

Unlike the happy endings Real swamp monster see in Little Rascals movie and TV shows, this version read more like Greek Tragedy. The calamitous events surrounding Spanky and the other members of his He-Man Woman Haters Club have created fractures in the relationship between Spanky and the protagonist Alfalfa which are beyond repair, Alfalfa for his troubles is ostracized by Spanky, fired; leaving him only with the memory of his devotion to Darla.

Real swamp monster hope Alfalfa write his own play; a revenge play that expresses the frustrations and desires for justice against oppressive governance of the People.

You may have won this time Spanky, but in time Alfalfa’s justice may be served upon you when you least expect it.


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