Those Conservative Jackasses

By now, Real swamp monster hope you hear about, or see video of late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional story concerning recent birth of his son Billy. Real swamp monster give Kimmel credit, probably not easy story for him to share. Billy born with heart disease, require surgery to fix heart and will need another in 6 months. Kimmel both funny and emotional, occasionally shedding tears through attempt at humor. Real swamp monster think good jokes alone hard to tell, even harder when telling about birth of son with bad heart.EC8197ED-EB1B-4BE7-A0CD-CE77BC7FF1F7-11717-0000063A1162C01A

At end of monologue, Kimmel make plea for both the lefties and the righties in Swamp D.C. to come together and pass healthcare bill that good for all of We the People who need insurance:

If your baby is going to die, and it doesn’t have to, it shouldn’t matter how much money you make. I think that’s something that whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat or something else, we all agree on that, right?” *

Real swamp monster think nice try…never happen though. Responses from conservative media say it all. Some columnist named Charles Hurt of The Washington Times called Kimmel an elitist creep who should shut his fat trap and go care for his kid.

And this from Michelle Malkin: “

I really don’t know how much lower these clowns in late-night can get. I don’t want them to be filtered, I don’t want them to be censored. I want them to keep showing America how hate-filled and how vile and how filthy so much of their thinking about public discourse in America really is.”

“I think that they are grasping desperately at these attacks because it’s the only way, I think, that they can stay relevant.” **

Real swamp monster not sure what was so hateful, vile, or filthy about Kimmel monologue. Think only Hurt and Maulkin are ones who come off as filled with hate. Real swamp monster always think filthy and vile adjectives Maulkin use refer to porn, not late night comedian exercising Freedom of Speech. Unless of course Maulkin thinks our Constitution is vile and filthy?

Real swamp monster suggest that if Maulkin or Hurt don’t like what they’re hearing or watching on TV, turn it off. The same way Real swamp monster click past Sean Hannity and Fox News everyday. Real swamp monster doesn’t need that brand of hate, but defends their right to vomit it out each night. Think Maulkin and Hurt are just bitter, elitist jackasses who hate all lefties in United Swamps of America. Sean Hannity too.

Finally, one of big arguments surrounding monologue is that Kimmel is rich and can 320CE128-A630-4875-AA79-190EC9B1E25E-11717-0000063A296EE54Eafford to have this surgery done. He is, and yes Real swamp monster pretty sure he can. Also think Kimmel sincere when he asks lefties and righties in Swamp D.C. to work together to create a true bi-partisan solution to healthcare. At least Real swamp monster hope, family now on Obamacare, and Real swamp monster 57 with a pre-existing condition.


*Quote from article on CNN Entertainment website.

**Quote from article on Real Clear Politics website.



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