The Narcissist’s Apprentice

Real swamp monster wonder why this prompt not appear sooner…have obvious tie-in to Narcissistic Number 45 and his former, but still ridiculous TV show, The Apprentice.

That lead to this question; just who is Narcissistic Number 45 apprentice? Who have enough midichlorians to represent Dark Side in Swamp Washington, D.C.?

Real swamp monster instantly eliminate angry, White House press corps hating, alternative fact spewing, Melissa McCarthy imitating, Sean Spicer (see how Real swamp monster turn last one?).

Real swamp monster also eliminate all members of his Cabinet of Horrors. Cabinet members just high-ranking corporate hatchet men set to lay waste to United Swamps of America environment…educational system…foreign policy…healthcare (why repeal and replace, why not repair?)…immigration…and the Constitution when necessary.

Real swamp monster eliminate Tiffany, Eric, Donald Jr., and Barron Trump. Real swamp monster wonder why Melania call Barron Little Donald when there already a Donald Jr. Think that could be confusing when Melania ring dinner bell and call kids to supper.

Real swamp monster say, “No, not Ivanka either.” Real swamp monster really confused and a little creeped out about what role of her in Narcissistic Number 45 White House.

So that leave just one, Ivanka’s husband Jared. The man who Narcissistic Number 45 has charged with being the primary contact for dignitaries from over 2 dozen img_0411countries. Real swamp monster wonder if sending a man who has a real estate business like Narcissistic Number 45 is a great way to also broker deals with foreign governments when nobody looking. Just asking.

Narcissistic Number 45 has also given him the distraction of improving ties with Mexico (they still won’t pay for that wall of Trump’s, no matter who he has asking).

Ivanka’s husband is also tasked with Criminal Justice Reform. The country will need more prison room for all of journalists Narcissistic Number 45 will be locking up if speak out against the Trump Regime.

Oh, brokering peace in MiddleEast and advising on the China relationship will be on to-do list as well. But Real swamp monster think funnest, most coolest thing a father-in-law could give daughter’s huband is heading office tasked with innovating government by listening to reforms suggested by Corporate America. Real swamp monster smell big fat corporate rats soon making laws and regulations, divide United Swamps of America deeper; class warfare only get nastier.

Real swamp monster think that Kush have too many plates in air, too many balls to juggle.

Real swamp monster wonder just who it was We the People tasked with Making America Great Again? Narcissistic Number 45? Ivanka’s husband? Corporate America?



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