Disney, A Half Marathon, And the Orlando Solar Bears

Real swamp monster taking break down in warm and sunny Orlando. Real swamp monster not have vacation in over a year, so it well deserved, no matter what employer think. Also give chance for Real swamp monster to catch up with daughter and new boyfriend. Think this one might be one for her; Real swamp monster can write that because know she will never read blog.

Real swamp monster always think only theme parks when come to Orlando, but now know much more to do than just ride the rides and meet over-sized characters who sign autograph books.

This year daughter, boyfriend, and Real swamp monster go to Orlando Solar Bears playoff game against hated Florida Everblades. If not know what Real swamp monster talking about, you’re definitely not alone. Orlando Solar Bears are hometown hockey team in East Coast Hockey League. Real swamp monster have been to Reading Royals games (also ECHL) so thought this might be fun. And it was.

Real swamp monster saw game that have everything, great goaltending, a couple of really nice goals by the Bears, and to make evening complete, some real old-time hockey thanks to a full-line brawl…goaltenders included.

If never been to minor league hockey, Real swamp monster suggest you go. The Solar Bears really keep the crowd juiced up and into game, lots of music between play, camera shots of fans, even a sing-a-long from movie Frozen that kids in crowd really got into, some adults too. Real swamp monster not sing though, make daughter very happy.

Early next morning (3:15), Real swamp monster do something new, Real swamp monster participate in Star Wars Half Marathon-The Dark Side. Real swamp monster never run half marathon…fun, and since Real swamp monster not in best shape, somewhat painful. But Real swamp monster finish. 

The race (although Real swamp monster not racing, just participating) start at Magic Kingdom, then run through Animal Kingdom, next to Hollywood Studios, over to Boardwalk, (all Real swamp monster could do not to just stop here since staying here) and finally through EPCOT, finishing in parking lot. Let the leg cramps begin. Half marathon is 13.1 miles, and this is run all on hard surfaces, so Real swamp monster feel pain in knees and feet for a couple of days. Real swamp monster definitely not so young anymore.

This third race Real swamp monster run, and the longest. The events are sponsored by runDisney, and are another fun thing to do. Real swamp monster also combine running with raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Real swamp monster live good life mostly, feel giving back always the right thing to do.

Tomorrow Real swamp monster leave daughter and warm Florida behind. Real swamp monster spend week with head in the sand (Mrs. Real swamp monster say it up somewhere else) and not pay attention to anything Narcissistic Number 45 and his Cabinet of Horrors up to last week. 

It’s been a great week away.


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