Time Away From My Swamp


Real swamp monster taking long over-due vacation this week. Go to Florida, see long-lost daughter who work for over-sized mouse. Daughter not really lost, Real swamp monster one who feel lost these days. Maybe seeing daughter help Real swamp monster in climbing out of muck that is now Real swamp monster life.

Real swamp monster feeling like getting too old for job have for 17 years, working 12 to 13 hour days and job require be much more physically fit than did in past years. Of course, Real swamp monster and fellow employees not have raise in 4 years, not get paid for overtime, have no paid time off or health benefits of any kind; not help how Real swamp monster feeling these days. Mrs. Real swamp monster unemployed for 8 months, cause her much stress, Real swamp monster feel stress too. May have to sell house in swamp if things don’t get better.

So, Real swamp monster get away for a week; forget about job and loan on house; run and walk half marathon not trained for; support and raise money for kids of St. Jude Children’s Hospital & Research Center. Real swamp monster figure running half marathon much easier than fighting cancer, if they can do it, so can Real swamp monster. Maybe giving back help Real swamp monster feel better.

One final note to the employees of Southwest Airlines, feel free to pull a United and drag Real swamp monster kicking and screaming down center aisle of plane after you unfairly bump me from my flight; Real swamp monster and Mrs. could use the money. Just don’t bump Real swamp monster head, have seizure disorder. Really, not need concussion.




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