Real swamp monster wait out winter snow and ice storm Stella at controls of IPad today. Real swamp monster drive for deliverer of small packages company. Boss said, “Stay home, take day off unpaid.” Cool?

Real swamp monster have pleasant memories of warm days gone by wearing shorts and shirts with sleeves short too, it was just last week for Pete’s sake! Real swamp monster not know who Pete is, but Real swamp monster pity him if he goes out in this icy, snowy, slop. Real swamp monster include nice vacation picture instead of one with snow and ice. Hopefully make everyone warm and fuzzy instead of cold and miserable, like Real swamp monster.

Real swamp monster need find something to do or go stir crazy. Maybe immerse self in learning nuts and bolts of American Health Care Plan. Real swamp monster say screw that, watch reruns of The Walking Dead on Netflix instead…if Trumpcare passes, zombie apocalypse maybe not far behind..




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