The Real Heroes of St. Jude’s Hospital

Real swamp monster decide to talk about something other than Narcissistic Number 45 and his Cabinet of Horrors. Real swamp monster talk about people who are very special and have strength and endurance most of us do not.

St. Jude Children’s Hospital treats children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. But St. Jude not just hospital, also is world-class research center where they also develop new treatments in an effort to reduce the number of children lost to cancer each year. But it’s not the staff of St. Jude who are the heroes.

It costs 2 million dollars each and every day to operate the St. Jude Hospital & Research Center. Much of that funding comes from everyday people who, like Real swamp monster, raise money each and every day while training and participating in fun runs and other fundraising events. St. Jude calls these people heroes, but Real swamp monster disagree,  think they’re not the heroes either.

Real swamp monster think answer to question of who are real heroes is very simple. The real heroes at St. Jude Hospital are the children, who along with the support of friends and family, face-down cancer every day.

 The St. Jude patients of today allow the doctors and researchers to find cures and treatments for St. Jude kids of the future. Real swamp monster include music video Darius Rucker and patients from St. Jude record called Possibilities; hope you see real heroes need our help. Plan an event; sign-up for fun run; or simply donate. We owe them that much.



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