Is Narcissistic Number 45 Just Wagging the Dog?

Real swamp monster wonder where Narcissistic Number 45 going with this whopper of fish story. If true that Former Number 44 had Trump hotel bugged during election, and Real swamp monster don’t think it’s so, are we about to have another swamp scandal the size of Watergate? Can We the People deal with a scandal the size of that one? Real swamp monster have even more questions:

Would day-time television preempt programming to cover congressional yak-fest into Narcissistic Number 45’s claims?

Can Real swamp monster catch up on his soaps with on-demand service from over-sized, underwhelming, mega-monster cable company?

If found guilty, will Narcissistic Number 45 pardon Former Number 44, or will he lock him up?

If Narcissistic Number 45 is found to be lying to draw attention away from his own administration, can and will both Right handed and Left handed in Washington, D.C. swamp agree to Unite and work together to remove him from office?

Real swamp monster think Washington, D.C. swamp have enough domestic issues to keep them busy for awhile without Narcissistic Number 45 vivid imagination mudddying waters of swamp that I love. Real swamp monster suggest Number 45 put away tin foil hat, stop getting intelligence updates from news on TV, and get to making United Swamps of America great again, for All of We the People, like you said you would. Real swamp monster also suggest quit it with tweets.


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