Affordable Insurance In the Swamp…

Real swamp monster hear all of arguments from right side of swamp over The Affordable Care Act. Real swamp monster, usually think a little left of center and always disagree with the right side about insurance, especially now since for first time ever, family of Real swamp monster no longer covered under employer sponsored healthcare benefit. Unfortunately, in United Swamps of America, same can be said for millions of We the People. Real swamp monster pray Narcissistic Number 45 and his Cabinet of Horrors not repeal the Affordable Care Act until suitable plan is in place.


All of these arguments Real swamp monster hear neglect to ask one question, and should be 64,000 shell question throughout swamp; Why is it necessary for so many Americans to purchase own health insurance? Real swamp monster think answer is simply Corporate America has reduced or eliminated the health care benefit for employees. Life in Corporate America look more like trickle-down comedy; big corporation hire multiple smaller corporations to provide services reducing number of required We the People to work for big corporation, saving many shells on health care expenses. How many of these small independent service providers are businesses with 50 or fewer employees, exempting them from requirement of providing health care for employees; or who like their larger corporate Over-Lord partner, use only part-time employees to save shells on benefits; or are just a 1-employee sole-proprietor business, and responsible for own insurance?


Mega-insurance provider Humana whine; say they want to stop providing their product on health-care exchange. Cry that there too many sick people on exchange, need more healthy people who pay premiums but don’t get sick to make more shells. Real swamp monster think Humana is worse kind of pond scum, float on top of swamp where it sunny and everyone at corporate happy; leave those underwater in dark and to fend for selves. Remember saying, too big to fail? Real swamp monster think if companies in United Swamps of America turn backs to We the People, then When In the Course of Human Events, it might become necessary for We the People to bail out pond scum like Humana, Real swamp monster scream, “Let them Sink!”



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