Fighting the War On Media…Or Is It A Campaign Donation?

Real swamp monster see story about survey created by Narcissistic Number 45 GOP comrades. Real swamp monster get the idea; poll meant to do more than rally support for his war with media in United Swamps of America. Poll try make Real swamp monster feel like media also lying to me with what Narcissistic Number 45 call fake news. Poll say to me that I am part of Number 45 movement; am on board with his blurred vision to make USA great again.

Real swamp monster get it; but survey not what disturbing. Real swamp monster complete survey and submit; Narcissistic Number 45 won’t like Real swamp monster answers, what bother Real swamp monster most is window that appear after submit test answers:


Billionaire, Narcissistic Number 45 want We The People to donate hard-earned shells to help fight War On Media? Or is Number 45 starting early fundraising in attempt to become 2-term Narcissistic leader of United Swamps of America? Real swamp monster just recovering from eating rotted fish called 2016 Number 45 campaign, not ready for 2020!



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