He’s A Politician…He Finally Said It

Real swamp monster detect disturbance in the force surrounding Narcissistic Number 45. On February 16, 2017 during his first solo press conference since becoming Narcissistic Number 45 of United Swamps of America, he finally admit he’ s a POLITICIAN.

This no surprise to Real swamp monster; how become billionaire businessman without knowing how to play politics? Narcissistic Number 45 was never outsider to swamp Washington, D.C.; just another story he tell about himself.

If not see press conference, many news agencies Narcissistic Number 45 call fake probably have highlights on Internet. Here one now:


Real swamp monster concerned about ability of Narcissistic Number 45 to work with press, and press with him. Why everyone have to be called liar or fake; what citizens of United Swamps of America need is good old fashioned honesty and for Number 45 to put the needs of We  The People ahead of  Corporate America.


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