You Might Be A Narcissist If…

Real swamp monster concerned recently inaugurated Number 45 fit classic diagnosis of a narcissist. Swamp Mayo have clinic where they help to identify and treat people with this personality. Number 45 should spend some time there before United Swamps of America need find a replacement.

Clinic at Swamp Mayo have website almost as good as Real swamp monster find out what they say narcissistic personality mean:

  • Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
  • Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
  • Exaggerating your achievements and talents
  • Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
  • Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people
  • Requiring constant admiration
  • Having a sense of entitlement
  • Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations
  • Taking advantage of others to get what you want
  • Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
  • Being envious of others and believing others envy you
  • Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner

What do We the People swimming in United Swamps of America think? Narcissistic Number 45 classic case for study Clinic at Swamp Mayo?

Real swamp monster also try to find quotes, confirm Number 45 may be a narcissist, find these:

“My IQ is one of the highest — and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure; it’s not your fault.”

“I’m just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump, right?”

“My Twitter has become so powerful that I can actually make my enemies tell the truth.”

“I will build a great wall – and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me – and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

“All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”

“One of they key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government.”

These just some of quotes Real swamp monster find. Many, many more to choose from. Real swamp monster think these help to confirm diagnosis of Number 45 as narcissist.

Real swamp monster have own issues, that for dam sure, but only want best for We The People swimming in United Swamps of America and for narcissistic Number 45 too.Real swamp monster have final questions:

Is being narcissist helpful in making display as strong leader of free world? Is it necessary for Number 45 to have humility? Arrogance? Vanity? Self-importance? All of these; none of these?

Real swamp monster thank these websites for help figuring out what potentially wrong with Number 45; want give credit where credit due:



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