The Happiest Swamp In The History of the World?

Metaphorically speaking…

Real swamp monster discouraged by move-up to big white only house in Swamp by angry, narcissistic man of business. Real swamp monster have concern how right-side of Swamp celebrate arrival of angry, narcissistic man of business they call Number 45;  them who are on left side, not much love for Number 45. Real swamp monster see more division in Swamp than ever before; not sure angry, narcissistic man of business in big white only house will be able to unite Swamp. Number 45 says he is different; not part of the Political Establishment that has run amok in Swamp for too long. Real swamp monster agree, kinda.

Real swamp monster see angry, narcissistic businessman in big white only house as hybrid species; has proven he can survive any cataclysmic event; like cockroach or brown rat. Number 45 slither from depths of unregulated, out of control Pond Financial Establishment, and has now become species able to adapt and survive in Pond Political Establishment as well.

Real swamp monster think We The People only swap the scum in our Swamp Political for something different; for some possibly more undesirable, difficult to eradicate species of pond scum. May take 4 years and much determination from them who are from left-side.

Real swamp monster really irritated by evil, white-hair dragon lizard lady who spout alternative facts that angry, narcissistic businessman bring with him to big, white only house in Swamp Political. Evil, white-haired dragon lady speak with forked tongue; Real swamp monster think evil, white-haired, dragon lizard lady introduced into Swamp Political by angry, narcissistic businessman in white only house who is called Number 45 by them on right-side of swamp speak from both sides of mouth…

…just like Number 45. Maybe Real swamp monster move family to Swamp Florida. Take up golf; maybe buy a boat.


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